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Wednesday, 19 August 2009 21:05

EcoStiletto & GYM

by Ted Kraus



Host Anna Getty and Sarah Jane Morris Show Their Support

Beverly Hills, CA

At the recent EcoStiletto Green Girls’ Night Out fundraiser for Dress for Success, Green Youth Movement (GYM) founder Ally Maize launched her “Live Green” campaign demonstrating how education has the power to teach young people to start being more environmentally conscious. Hosted by PureStyle Living’s Anna Getty, with support by Sarah Jane Morris from “Brothers & Sisters,” Intuition in West Los Angeles provided the right platform for GYM to embark on its mission of raising awareness among youth for the green movement.


“I am pleased GYM was able to participate in this fun event. Our mission is to educate kids beginning in grade school so they can learn about protecting our environment and form good eco-friendly habits,” explained Ally Maize, teen founder of Green Youth Movement and a junior at Archer School for Girls. “As teenagers, we can serve as tutors and role models for younger children to teach them what it means to be green and how they can make a difference as they grow up.”

Guests were asked to sign a simple “Green Pledge,” given free Green Youth Movement “Live Green” wrist bands and handy GYM reusable shopping bags, as well as educational materials by the GYM’s Teen Green Team members including Amanda Maize, Jillian Hurwitz and Jennifer Hourani who joined Ally to share their own eco-educational spirit.

The evening also offered a wide selection of stylish eco-friendly clothing brought in by EcoStiletto’s Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff from California Rising, Del Forte, Doie, EcoSkin, Elodie, Erica Weiner, Heather Heron, and Larsen Gray, make-up by Perfect Organics and hand treatments by The Healing Seed.

With increasing societal concerns focused on the severe consequences of global warming, GYM’s mission has been embraced by Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Brucker, who has appointed Ally as a "Green Teen Ambassador" of Beverly Hills.

“For our world to survive long term, environmental consciousness has to begin with youngsters, with their families and in our local communities. Getting kids to take small steps towards recycling and conservation is the foundation of our movement, something that we hope will continue to build momentum around the country and even around the world,” said Ally Maize.

About Green Youth Movement

Founded a year ago by sixteen-year-old Ally Maize, the Green Youth Movement (GYM) mission is to involve students who are concerned about the environment and willing to lead the change in an awareness campaign by students for all students. By involving and educating students locally, nationally and internationally, GYM will raise awareness among youngsters about what they can personally do to protect their environment.

For more information about GYM, visit where you can join the movement, learn about how to make a difference and support its educational outreach mission.

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