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Ally Maize Awarded Honor For Green Efforts

By Abbey Hood

Green Youth Movement founder Ally Maize, 16, is the recipient of a $1,000 savings bond after being named “ABC Cool Kid,” by the Channel 7 station for her efforts to promote greener lifestyles through education in local schools.

beverly-hills-courier-1GYM hopes to foster private and public partnerships and engage school principals and teachers to incorporate environmental educational curricula such as green clubs, eco-drives, flyer programs and more so students can get excited, get involved and start behaving in a more sustainable way. Fundraising activities are organized by youth to get youth involved in peer-to-peer engagement.

“I’m thrilled our outreach is affecting and influencing people’s decisions to be more green conscious,” said Maize, who plans to use the funds to continue sharing her message with schools, businesses and communities throughout California and beyond. “I hope more young people and their parents will be motivated to use their voices to protect our environment.”

The Archer School junior founded GYM a year ago by first launching her Web site, She offers tips of reducing carbon footprints, recommends organic products, features local ecofriendly stores and offers information to adults and children on “going green.”

Through her Web site, Maize also sells GYM products including the “Green Kit” and “Live Green” bracelets which raise funds to support the development of a curriculum for students focused on environmental awareness.

She has held events throughout Beverly Hills to promote awareness of GYM at local boutiques including The Eco Stiletto Dress for Success event held at Intuition boutique in Los Angeles, co-hosted by Purestyle Living’s Anna Getty and actress Sarah Jane Morris of Seven Pounds.

Maize is also a member of the City’s Green Team. Councilman Barry Brucker and Maize are working together to incorporate GYM into his green initiatives for the City, as reported in the Dec. 3 edition of The Courier

“Ally is an incredible young lady with an abundance of energy and talent,” said Brucker. “Her program is professional and well developed.”

Published: The Beverly Hills Courier, Volume XXXXIV Number 14, April 03, 2009


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