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Green Youth Movement, Live Green Kit

Posted by brandie On December - 2 - 2009

Product Review: Live Green Kit: I really appreciate when something like this is brought to my attention! I’d like to start by telling you about the non-profit organization, Green Youth Movement. This organization, founded by 17 year old Ally Maize, started with the simple idea of teaching kids how to be “green”. Ally and other environmentalist teens have made a big impact on the world with the Green Youth Movement! Way to go!!! Their mission is to educate kids and teens about environmental awareness, eco-friendly behavior and small steps that collectively embraced by this age-group can make a big difference for the future.

Here’s how you can help: The Green Movement sells an awesome “Live Green Kit”! The kit comes with some great items to help you start living green! Profits from the kit help the movement continue the “green education”, subsidizing gardens for their Sustainable Garden projects and more!

Product Description: The Live Green Kit includes:

* Reusable grocery bags
* Package of Reusable Sponge
* 2 CFL Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
* LIVE GREEN Bracelet
* BP Free Water bottle
* Shower Timer
* Junk Mail Reducer Kit

Price: $45.00

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