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Green Youth Movement plants seeds for conservation in Los Angeles


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Green Youth Movement founder Ally Maize (second from left) plants the sustainable garden with her parents, Richard Maize (left), Rochelle Maize (back, standing) and two Archer School friends on Earth Day 2009.


From Green Right Now Reports

As the nation celebrated Earth Day this week, teen environmentalist and Green Youth Movement founder Ally Maize led schoolmates in planting the first “sustainable garden” at The Archer School for Girls in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The vegetable and herb garden was the latest project initiated by Maize, who started the Green Youth Movement after seeing former Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award winning film An Inconvenient Truth. Maize organizes numerous events to promote the cause around Los Angeles, hoping to bring formalized green learning into junior and senior high school curricula.

“I’m really excited about this first sustainable garden at my school,” Maize, 16, said in a statement. “Volunteers who know how to create wonderful sustainable gardens have generously donated their time, and everyone has been so great about working as a team to make this happen.

“The whole school is psyched about promoting eco-consciousness and learning what a sustainable garden is all about, which is really cool.”

The garden will be maintained and nurtured by students at Archer, and the crop will benefit the Westside Food Bank and Santa Monica’s Daybreak Center and Shelter for Women. To encourage other students to start their own sustainable gardens, Maize presented each participant with a seed-in-a-cup to take home.

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