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“Green Teen” Hosts Waterless Car Wash To Raise Awareness


Los Angeles’ 17-year old resident “green teen” Ally Maize, founder of LA’s Green Youth Movement, is aiming to make a statement about water conservation today by hosting a waterless carwash in her Brentwood, CA hometown. The carwash utilizes an eco-friendly formula that cleans cars without using water, saving up to 100 gallons of water per vehicle washed.

In a partnership with waterless auto detail company, Eco Detail, Ally will be joined by her classmates and friends to show locals just one more way in which they can conserve water and reduce their environmental impact.

“Living sustainably becomes much more do-able when the solutions make sense and are readily accessible. Most people don’t realize that everyday activities, such as washing your car, can add up to a lot of water waste,” says Maize. “Hosting this waterless car wash is our way of showing the community one example of how a simple lifestyle change can benefit the environment.”



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